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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Why can't QuantPrime find a primer for <my_favourite_gene>?
Unfortunately QP doesn't tell you why; but usually such failure is due to the existence of another mRNA with almost 100 % similarity, making it impossible to find a unique region for primer design. Such mRNAs are often non-annotated splice variants of the same primary transcript, or are transcripts of another gene copy.
There is a work-around: Create a new project with custom parameters. Create a new set of primer design parameters, for which you inactivate "Specificity prefiltering". You need to create a set of specificity testing parameters as well, but keep the standard settings. Without specificity prefiltering, QP will find primers, but they will be "red" (meaning unspecific). You then need to manually check which other mRNAs are targetted by the primers, and decide for yourself which primers to use...

Why do I have to login to use the QuantPrime service; I just want to design one primer pair?
In its nature computing-intensive, we need to somehow control QuantPrimes usage of our limited computing resources. With a login we can make sure that the service is not abused and that the resources are distributed evenly among the users.
If you just want to test how the service works, you can login with the test account. However, the computing resources are very limited for this account, and created data are removed regularly.

My login doesn't work. What is wrong?
If you already registered and confirmed your login (using the link/code sent to you in the confirmation email), make sure you switched on session cookies in your browser. If it still doesn't work, you probably forgot or mistyped your password; use this page to reset your password.
If you didn't receive a confirmation/reset password email within an hour after registration/password reset, please first verify that you can receive email on your account, then contact us.

When opening/creating a project, I get a blank page in my browser. What is wrong?
Make sure you switched on JavaScript support in your browser. The QuantPrime web site does not support browsers without JavaScript.

My favourite species/annotation is not listed. What can I do?
Please let us know and we will consider to install it on the QuantPrime servers. We try to keep the sequences up to date, but please do remind us if you see that an annotation is outdated.

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